Leaf (iron__monger) wrote in melting_metal,

Silicon (ish) Bronze

I have a bunch of copper plumbing scraps and I was thinking of trying to melt them down and pour them out as silicon bronze (c65500) bars. I read somewhere your suposed to use phosphorus flux when melting copper or it will turn out like crap, and danged' if that wasn't what it did last time! My first experiment I was trying to make something that would be able to be forged so I added quite a bit of silver to it, that helped but it still turned out pretty weak and crumbly. So this time I thought I would try to get some advice first. I have silicon and manganese, but no idea were to even get phosphorus. Also is the solder they sweat the pipes with bad for things? If anyone is nice enough to help me maybe I will be able to post some pictures of fire and molten metal and stuff, thanks.
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