Leaf (iron__monger) wrote in melting_metal,


I recently obtained two bags of sand blasting media, it looks white, would anyone know if this would be suitable for sand casting if I was so inclined? or can you just use any old sand, besides from the beach of course, salt I am assuming would be bad.
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I happened to come across this. It only refers to a specific brand of sand, but I'm ignorantly assuming that most sandblasting media is similarly composed :)

It is a stuff called "vitrogrit"

Typical Composition: SiO2—73%; Na2O—14%; CaO—10%; MgO—<1%; Al2O3—<1%; SO3—<1%

Also it says "contains no crystaline silica" so I guess I wount get "white lung" (from that at least). Interestingly it also says it is recycled, so maybe it is just glass.

LoL a MSDS on sand. Why am I not surprised.. someone even has a msds for water http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/WA/water.html

I can't think of any obvious reason it wouldn't work. Results would depend upon the grit size of the sand for one. I'm assuming it is silica sand so won't have any trouble with the temps we are using. I would try it.
it is 80-140 mesh. I will probably just test it out, just need a crucible and some beer cans now! Can anyone recomend a good refractory for making crucibles, or advice? I can probably come up with the beer cans myself ;-) The guy I got it from was using it for kiln wash with alumina hydrate, but 50 or so pounds is more than a lifetime supply for me, got to use it up somehow, if it turns into slag when i test it maybe I will throw some of the Al in too I guess.
From what i understand, there ARE sands that cannot withstand the temperatures or cannot hold a shape. You also want to consider the density/permeability when wet, if using 'green' sand. You don't want it to puff and explode on you. Otherwise i think it is fine to try anything. i would. If it fails, you can remelt the mass, and not use the sand for that anymore. Simple exercise. Good question. Update how it turns out when done please.